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CH: Prendre exemple sur les Rangers de New York

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by Elie Pilon , Editor, The Magazine All Habs

MONTREAL, QC – On Saturday night, the New York Rangers visited the Toronto Maple Leafs with the hopes of winning a first win in five games. Indeed, the only clash won by the team this year was against the Boston Bruins. The game was decided in overtime with a goal by Marian Gaborik.

Photo Jim McIsaac / Getty

Photo Jim McIsaac / Getty

Already, before the puck drops for the first time in the third commitment, led by Leafs 2-1, but the men of John Tortorella would not let it do so. With a little over 12 minutes to go in the period, Marc Staal pulled one back with his first goal of the year, and Marian Gaborik gave for the first time in the match, to advance his team. The rest was a formality, while Boyle scored the 6 th goal of the match and Gaborik pushed a second puck in the net in this game.

That said, even if the Rangers are not necessarily very good position in the standings with December 1 th place in the East, it nonetheless they have one of the best teams on paper. Offensively, they have three players in the top 30 of the best strikers with Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards and Rick Nash. On defense, they do not have players with a big slapshot, but reliable players like Dan Girardi, Marc Staal, Michael Del Zotto and Ryan McDonagh. In addition, Del Zotto could easily reach the plateau of fifty points in one season by one or two years, because he was 41 last year, who is older than 24 years. And then, before the cage, probably the best NHL goalie whole, Henrik Lundqvist.

Then, the Blueshirts are a hard team to face due to the imposing size of his players. Person of this training is less than 5’11 and eight of them exceed 6’3. In addition to being sturdy, it is also a team that wins most of his fights corner rink. Moreover, even after some parts, the Ranger training is one of only four teams to have only one player on the injured list right now.

But it is not as it is impressive. It is rather that the Rangers were able to be in the elite of the league without even having recourse to reconstruction, that is to say in a few years to finish the five worst teams to get good young players at the draft and so a new start. Several teams that won the Stanley Cup recently have also experienced this. Among them was the Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings. Moreover, New York has not finished among the top five worst training league since the NHL consists of 30 teams, so since the 2000-2001 season.

Therefore, the Rangers have never fished players in the top 5 since that time. But how does one explain this? How Rangers did they forever refuel good players without resorting to draft?

The answer seems simple, but it is not enough to make good decisions, do not be shy and be a victim of a bit of luck. Moreover, the general manager Glen Sather has often been at the forefront in trade and found many to his advantage, such as Ryan McDonagh. Moreover, even if he had not the best spots in the draft, he was able to choose very good players. Marc Staal is an example. He also signed high-caliber players such as Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards.

In conclusion, senior leaders of the New York Rangers have made a nearly flawless work, to allow their team to never have disastrous seasons. Maybe the Stanley Cup lead at Madison Square Garden shortly …


The Canadian in all

Not only Canadian, but most teams in the NHL should take example on how the New York Rangers have been administered for the past 10 years.

But objectively, it must be noted that the CH is not so far from what the Ranger training now. They have a # 1 goalie who made ​​the top 10 in the league, defensive defenders who can block shots and make checks. They also have young offensive defensemen. With the addition of Prust and Armstrong, 2 e 3 e and 4 e trios resemble those of Rangers.

The only difference is probably that the Habs do not have a first line of attack as powerful and robust. Many will say that Alex Galchenyuk center will be the next # 1 team and he has the speed, the start and the template to be among the elite of the league the next year. They are probably right, but Galchenyuk can not form a trio alone.

Photo Richard Wolowicz / Getty

Photo Richard Wolowicz / Getty

This brings me to my next topic. What is lacking in Canadian is a « sniper » on the top line. You know, player, powerplay, located in the vicinity of the faceoff circle and is waiting for a password to unsheathe the top of the net. A player who has confidence in his start and that can get a shot because he knows he can score. From what I can see the current training is that there is simply no. The only one who played with CH in the last five years is Michael Cammalleri.

If Montreal wants to go to the honors one day it will surely get a player of this type. There are not a lot of « sniper » in the NHL, but here is a short list: Steven Stamkos, Evgeni Malkin, Alex Ovechkin, Ilya Kovalchuk, James Neal, Jonothan Toews, Michael Cammalleri, Taylor Hall, Patrick Marleau, Daniel Sedin and others.

It is true that in hindsight, Erik Cole with 35 goals last year could be considered a « sniper », but again, I take the example Cammalleri and Cole is away.

In short, I believe that this year, Marc Bergevin should make efforts to bring about a « sniper » in Montreal. If the Rangers are able, why not Canadian!

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