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Le camp des recrues : un futur prometteur

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By Steve Farnham , AllHabs.net

translated from the original Rookie Camp – The Future is Bright by Lyse , AllHabs.net

MONTREAL, QC. – After one of those days « forget » to work today, I went to the training complex in Brossard Canadians in order to attend the rookie camp. I needed to distract me from the cares of work and although I could not assisting at the last hour of scrimmage, my visit was worth it!

Before you continue reading this account, I suggest you start with the two previous reports of Rick, our columnist and chief editor of All Habs: Remedy for lack of hockey supporters: rookie camp , then Boot Camp: the size and talent .

For most players, it was a last day to make a good impression on the staff of the Canadian whose members were able to track workouts like birds perched on top of the bleachers state.

Although I have missed, Lars Eller had skated earlier in the day with Andrei Markov. I was already désapointé not seeing the Danish Monday because of the abdominal injury, he was still absent from scrimmage of the day. But I was comforted me know when both players looked like when they appeared on the ice this morning.

They also told me that Eller could take a pound or two without problem. He reminds me a little Alexander Avtsin. It has good bones, but it is still quite thin and it will gain weight during the course of the year. However, we quickly forget the slimming weight when the puck is on his stick and found that it seems he can do conjuring tricks as if holding a magic wand.

I find myself reliving the same as when it was aware of the transaction that brought him here: I keep hearing good things about it, but I’m looking forward to the judge my own eyes.

Andrei Markov was not it supposed to be away from the rink for 8 months or have I missed bits? My memory is fuzzy on the first medical reports, but in fact, he skated today. From what I was told, ignoring the injury he suffered during the series, you would think he is ready to return to the game it may be wiser to assume Andrei Markov is not fully recovered and could miss the start of the season, but these are very encouraging news and Canadiens fans can hope that Markov will not have to miss too many games early in the season .

According to his agent, Don Meehan, the rehabilitation Markov is ahead of schedule .

Hunter Bishop still was missing during training and scrimmage after suffering an injury on Monday following a hit PK Suban.

The scrimmage saw the whites, led by Aaron Palushaj, crush Roubes Alexander Avtsin the account from July to January. Scoring could be tighter, but for that Avtsin himself missed three goals if four occasions during breakaways / penalty shots.

Without seeing Eller skate to date with what I have seen is Avtsin which happens to be the most talented player camp recruits. It appears to me to be the one who is most ready to break the NHL, even more than what I’ve seen of Max Pacioretty and Ben Maxwell.

Avtsin is able to do well through the puck in the neutral zone, has a deceptive speed, and was able to demonstrate that it can often beat the defender who covers when rushed to the net. Although he had many opportunities to face the keeper alone, my only complaint about him is that he seems to lack in finish scripts. Is it already tired after three days of training?

But what struck me most is his ability to protect the puck well of his opponents. The best player in the NHL at this level, in my opinion, Sidney Crosby. He has this ability to use his body between the opponent and the puck while maintaining good control over it. Avtsin the extremely successful.

I would not be surprised if it was one of the first players recalled this season because of an injury, or as Rick I suggested at the beginning of the calendar if ever a player had to miss the start of season due to an injury – Eller, for example.

However, the dominant force on the ice remains PK Subban. Wow. He was quoted as saying that he had taken seven pounds during the offseason, but there are rumors that it would take up to fifteen pounds, just muscle. Whether seven, fifteen or somewhere in between, that I could see he has not lost any speed or agility due to the weight gain.

In just three days, he managed to intimidate players who avoid the cross on his side of the rink fear of being squished against the band. Remember he had wreaked havoc Monday, among others with a hit devastating to the place of Hunter Bishop that we had not seen since the camp.

Today, towards the end of the match, he was involved in another skirmish, this time with Ben Maxwell. As soon as Maxwell dropped the gloves, he suffered three strokes sounding Subban, the last when he crashed on the ice. Subban has kept his gloves during the entire scene. All players have converged towards Subban, Conboy in mind. A referee was quick to grab Conboy, and it was obvious that if Subban had no intention of being jostled, he would not drop the gloves and risk injury in an unnecessary quarrel. Both players downplayed the incident after the game, stating that there was no rancor and all that part of the game

Subban has also produced a goal for the winning team, a laser shot from the blue line that beat the young Robert Mayer, while Maxwell managed the only goal of the losing team.

When we mentioned that PK Subban should be considered recipient Calder Trophy as rookie of the year, I can tell you with confidence that you can believe.

The element of surprise today came from Aaron Palushaj. Acquired St. Louis Blues in return for Matt D’Agostini, he scored four goals and really showed the address around the net. He handles the puck fluidly and you can see when a player is a natural scorer net fixed by unchecking the shot.

Presumably Palushaj should begin its season in Hamilton, but he knew how strong impression in this penultimate day of camp.

Jarred Tinordi is quite a monster on the ice. You realize its immensity that when Ian Schultz, measuring 6’3 » appears smaller beside him. Taking into account its age and size, it would not be surprising to see him take at least 20 lbs by the time he reaches the NHL. What meets the eyes with Tinordi is its mobility, considering its size. He skates pretty well, plays the puck intelligently and I think fans and media will have no reason to believe he did not deserve to be the first choice in the Canadian draft pick.

Tinordi was not a powerful shot from the blue line, but if he can do the job defensively, and he showed good signs so far, I am confident he can become what Mike Komisarek never became Montreal: a powerful and solid blue line strength. (Sorry Mike, you blocked me on Twitter, I do not expect that you read this anyway.)

I also tried to take a look at two other players: Louis Leblanc and Brendan Gallagher.

I have not really noticed Leblanc, but he still scored two goals. He has a good shot and he knows well positioned in the offensive zone; should impress with the Montreal Juniors this season.

Brendan Gallagher gifted around the net. Another player who seemed to have the puck stuck to the stick, he has very good hands and although it is not very big, the new NHL has shown that there is a place for this type of player. He was only 18 years, we will be patient with him.

I was lucky to attend the scrimmage with Steven Hindle I had not seen for about ten years, when we played minor hockey in St. Lambert. He was with Eric Engels, I was happy to meet. Both are columnists activities of the Montreal Canadiens and I respect and admire greatly the work they do.

Canadians held their golf tournament Thursday and regular camp begins Friday. Although it is agreed that there are few openings in the lineup, I’m happy with what I saw today and earlier this week, and I am of the opinion that the future looks promising.

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