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Repassage en famille : Vers les Séries

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By JD Lagrange , Deputy Chief Editor, The Magazine All Habs

Here are some thoughts on various topics in recent weeks around the Canadiens and the NHL as teams prepare for the playoffs. Feel free to add your comments, they are welcome.


PENTICTON, BC – 1 – David Desharnais saved his season and try to deny it is dishonest and malicious. After a slow start (a point in 19 games), DD has since produced at a rate of almost a point per game for the rest of the season and has since surpassed the 50 points. Not bad for a guy who is earning $ 3.5 million. Some say it was easy minutes in a game, but it does not fit on the road, while the opposing coach has the last change to face the best trio Tricolore. It is time to stop criticism and must give credit where it is due.

2 – A good friend of Desharnais, Max Pacioretty , has reached 38 goals this season with his hat-trick against the Senators. He is fourth in the NHL in goals behind Ovechkin (49), Perry (41) and Pavelski (39), just before Crosby and Kessel (36 each). What is impressive is that as Desharnais, Pacioretty had a slow start to the season with only two goals in his first 21 games before making his season in hand with a hat-trick came after a review by the blocked shots Canadian reviewed wrong by some members of the media presenting it as a false attack against Michel Therrien . There are four games Pacioretty to reach the plateau of 40 goals, a fact unfulfilled since the 1993-94 season when Vincent Damphousse was the fact.

3 – Since joining the Canadian to the trade deadline, Thomas Vanek has accumulated 14 points in 14 games. Remember that Vanek had only an assist in his first five games with the Habs, which means he has produced 13 points in his last nine games, especially since it was combined with the trio of Desharnais, on the right wing. It adds another dimension to attack Canadian while adding depth to the right wing, allowing Brendan Gallagher and Brian Gionta to play on the 2nd and 3rd trio.

4 – The question in the minds of just about everyone in Montreal is whether Vanek may or may not sign a contract extension with the Canadiens. If he had not had the opportunity to evolve in Montreal, chances to see signing as a free agent would be minimal in my opinion. But to see action on the bench with Pacioretty and Desharnais, to see the chemistry that develops between the three players and see his offensive production, and knowing respect brings Marc Bergevin to this organization, I do n ‘not rule out the possibility that sign here instead of Minnesota, as predicted just everyone. I think a lot will depend on the performance of the team in the playoffs and more importantly, what that think Ms. Vanek. While it is possible a decision before, I doubt that the final decision is made ​​before July 1.

5 – Do not get me wrong, Michel Therrien has played a major role in the development of PK Subban and the fact that he had won the Norris Trophy. It makes better use of his teammates which makes him a more complete player. But it has not been such a good season this year and it is justifiable for a young defender, because it is a difficult position to master and where it takes time to find some consistency. However, I am worried about how, or rather the « timing » Therrien to teach him a lesson, especially the sit for an entire period against Ottawa. It is very risky to do so as close to the series. It sit for a presence or two, ask JJ Daigneault talk to him, but it returns to the ice as the Canadiens will go as far in the playoffs that lead Carey Price , Subban and Desharnais trio.

6 – There is no doubt that Subban missed his mate Josh Gorges defense, a solid veteran with whom he has developed a nice chemistry. Gorges can repair errors Subban, he can talk to him on the ice in directing traffic, and he brings leadership. When you Francis Bouillon and you cheeks 25 minutes, you make them both vulnerable and although Jarred Tinordi will develop into a good candidate to play with Subban, he’s young and made ​​mistakes, which is not ideal for PK. Gorges resumed practice and targets a return against Chicago Wednesday hopefully.

(Image by LaPresse)

(Image by LaPresse)

7 – A defender who seems to be regaining his confidence is Alexei Emelin , while he adjusts to playing right with his compatriot Andrei Markov , a good tutor for the young Russian. He started playing more physical and defensive play and positioning are more developed, although it still has some work to do. It also seems to have a renewed confidence in offensive and Therrien does not hesitate to use it on the second wave powerplay.

8 – Another defender who recently impresses is the oldest of the Florida Panthers, Mike Weaver . It took twice as hard in the first period against Ottawa while Subban has been punished and he responded with a goal and an assist, while being solid defensively. As Marc Bergevin said, you can not have too much depth to the defense and the number 43 could see the Canadian singing the classic « Dream Weaver » Gary Wright …

9 – Despite his goal against the Senators, the center player Lars Eller seems to have lost his confidence and some are asking the question how long it has yet to Montreal if things do not improve. There was a time when fans wondered how Eller would ask as a free agent with restrictions, but I do not think this is always the case. The series could be a turning point for Eller to determine his future with the Canadian point for the young Alex Galchenyuk will soon be ready to take the position of center player.

10 – Another player who has found the way to the wrong list Therrien is left winger Rene Bourque , removed from the alignment in favor of George Parros against the Senators. It seems that Marc Bergevin was trying to exchange the trade deadline, but there were no takers. It remains to be seen whether he can do in between seasons. Meanwhile, Bourque adds depth in case of injuries. He spent two years on his contract with $ 3.33 million in the ceiling with a clause limited no-trade. I must say it will be paid $ 2.5 million per season, which could interest a team trying to reach the salary floor next season.

11 – Speaking of the contract, it seems that Marc Bergevin and Andrei Markov want to come to an agreement. This is similar to recent negotiations Markov and do not be surprised to see both parties agree after the series, but before July 1. I was in favor of exploring the option of exchanging Markov deadline if both parties were not close to an agreement, but seeing the level of game he plays and seeing that he is still with the team, I am increasingly convinced that Markov will finish his career in the Canadiens uniform. Not enough players nowadays do the same.

12 – Is there a player in the most enigmatic that NHL Alexander Ovechkin ? He leads the league with 49 goals and likely win the trophy Maurice Richard again. But his team still miss the playoffs. Whatever the head coach at Washington, it seems that there are always misunderstandings with Ovy and we do not even talk about the performance of the national team of Russia upon his part. As captain of the Capitals, Ovechkin has a record of -35 less this season, the worst record of his team. In fact, the « best » players are Capitals Ovechkin (-35, 8:39 p.m. TOI / G), Nicklas Backstrom (-20, 7:48 p.m. TOI / G) and Mike Green (-16, 10:56 p.m. TOI / G ). It’s hard to win games when your best players do not believe in defensive play!

It seems increasingly that the Canadian will be the only Canadian team in the playoffs, which is sad considering that these teams are among those that attract the most followers. Hopefully a good presence in the playoffs, because Marc Bergevin and his team go in the right direction.

Go Habs Go!

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